Merryland College

Biratnagar, Morang, Morang

Merryland College

Merryland College Biratnagar (MCB) was established in 2013 as a joint partnership between Islington College, Kathmandu (Islington College) and Merryland Higher Secondary School and College, Biratnagar (Merryland HSSC), with stakeholders and management from both Islington College and Merryland HSSC. The objective of this partnership is to provide internationally recognized tertiary education at the affordable prices in Biratnagar. Islington College would also contribute its expertise towards running UK HE qualifications, while Merryland HSSC would promote and encourage her own students and the students in local community to embark on the tertiary qualifications that MCB offers.

MCB offers the BA (Hons) International Business Management qualification from the University of Wolverhampton (WLV) based on a 3+1 model, whereby MCB students would first take iAcademy’s University Foundation Certification, followed by their Diploma in Business Administration, and then their Advanced Diploma in Business Administration. All of iAcademy’s qualifications have been articulated with advanced standing into the University of Wolverhampton’s BA (Hons) International Business Management degree. Hence, students who successfully complete iAcademy’s Advanced Diploma in Business Administration would enter the University of Wolverhampton’s BA (Hons) International Business Management programme in the final year of that programme. MCB is able to offer all the said qualifications from iAcademy and the University of Wolverhampton based on a “supported-delivery” model in Biratnagar.


Business & Management


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Faculty: Business & Management

Qualification: Bachelor (Hon)

Duration: 4 Year

Accreditation body: University of Wolverhampton

Course Type: Full time

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