What is SAMS?

School Admission Management System
Student Application Management Service

SAMS is an online application management system for schools and colleges. SAMS is a centralized service that students can search for programs of their interest and select college or university to apply. Schools and colleges can manage their programs and promote them to be seen by a large number of users. SAMS provides an end to end functionality for manage admission processes for schools and colleges, and to students, they can manage their profile and application.

Hassle-Free Application Process
  • Students
    • One Application for all many schools or colleges
    • It is all online
    • Increase the changes find out more about school and their information.
  • Schools and Colleges
    • Categorized applications by courses
    • A complete head to end process
    • Increase chances to get application from every part of the country
    • Helps diversity program
Cost & Time Saving
  • Students
    • Not necessary to travel from city to city
    • No need to fill up tiring and long application form
  • Schools and Colleges
    • No need to set up multiple recruitment camps around different cities
    • More time to recruit the students
Safety and works during and after the Pandemic
  • Social distancing, no problem
  • Traveling hassle not necessary
Go Green
  • Use less paper and save the environment.