Key leadership roles

October 22, 2021
Published By - Ashna Khanal
Key leadership roles

In our previous career related articles, we had mentioned about the key skills which help you in getting a job among which one of which was Leadership skills. So, today let us find out more about what all are the major and key leadership roles which you need to possess.

Before that, let’s know what leadership actually is- According to a website, leadership is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide followers or other member of an organization. This basically means that someone who can lead a way or a path regarding a particular subject is considered a leader and being able to perform the task by influencing others properly you can know that you have good leadership skills. But there are certain roles which help you in carrying out a better leadership role. They are-

  1. Architect- This is not just applicable to any architect in literal sense but architect in leadership means how you are able to uphold the vision, mission, values and deliver it to rest of the people in a clear way. This is basically holding on to your company’s values and its sole mission on what the criteria or agenda are to be considered while performing a task; a work.


  1. Planning and Executing- Then the other roles of a leader must be to be able to plan a particular project or certain task carefully and note down what are its benefits and losses. A leader should be able to plan out for both short term as well as for long run. But this does not mean one should just plan and write it down or say and not do anything as doing the work and completing it with the help of ret of the people is much more important. So, you have to do those things as you have planned out so that the work will go smoothly and without much chaos and execute the result.


  1. Inspire and Teach- Then the other role of a leader should be to inspire people with all the possibilities and gather human interest. You have to try to make your fellow colleagues to be motivated or inspired by your ideas. Besides that, you have to be knowledgeable and be able to train, coach, teach or mentor your group about a topic that you know nicely or are familiar about.


  1. Innovator- Again as the first point, this topic as innovator does not mean you have to innovate something brand new but to innovate ideas. Being a leader, you should be able to identify what all could be the points that you require and get ideas on how to make that particular project or task a successful one. Sometimes, you have to think out of the box in order to make your work stand out and people to be focused on what you are presenting so that others will like your idea.


  1. Expert- The other thing and the most important ting of being a leader requires you to be an expert in that particular subject matter. Without having in-depth knowledge about the particular subject matter that you have to discuss or work on you have to be able to know about the topic yourself first and should be able to know if the ideas that others bring you are good for that work or not. For this, you have to know what kind of project you are working on what is it that they want from you to do that work and how will the result be. You should be ablr to handle all these things considering in mind about your field of work, your boss or business partner or clients approval, the context, the work culture that they follow as well.

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