A look at skills that job applicants are preferred to hire

September 24, 2021
Published By - Ashna Khanal
A look at skills that job applicants are preferred to hire

As an office, a company or an organization, in order to hire an employee, the interviewer or someone who goes through your CV or Resume would like to know what all skills you possess in order to hire. So, for that reason we have gathered some important topics where you can cultivate your skills after graduating your College degree. They are-

  1. Professionalism- Since a job is requires your ability to perform certain tasks that is mentioned of (the post or position that you have applied for) so one of the important factor is your professionalism. You have to be able to know what you are working on and how much experience or skills you have to carry on doing your work smoothly.


  1. Self-development- The other skill you are expected as a company or an organization is that you should have the ability to grow yourself along with the necessity of the company. For example- if you initially started to work for a small company but the company grew whether by gaining profit or merging similar offices, you have to be able to work accordingly and develop yourself. This means that you should be able to benefit not just professionally but personally as well in knowing about certain topics related to the field or so.


  1. Collaborative effort and Communication- As you apply for a job in an office, you have to be able to collaborate with the existing and new employees of the organization in order to gain more knowledge and information. As you will be working in the same office with common goals, you have to be able to be a team player and be able to work collaboratively within the team. This helps you in your work to be smooth as you can learn something new if you didn’t know as well. Besides that, you have to be able to communicate effectively about whether it is with boss or colleagues for betterment in yourself as well as of the organization’s benefit.


  1. Computing skills- If you are working as a desk job, or even in some other jobs, you have to be able to have some basic computing skills. This need not be high level computing skill if you are not related to that field but you have to be able to bend in with technology and work accordingly. Besides that, even if you are not familiar or applying for jobs related to computing or IT related field but are applying for a desk job then it is essential that you know some basic computer skills. These include MS-office package or even more as per the requirements of the job.


  1. Critical thinking- Besides the above mentioned skills, one should also have to think critically and even creatively in certain field. The logical analysis of a particular task is one of the necessities that an employee should be well aware of and need to know before doing the job.


In conclusion, you will be marked on the basis of how you present your document (CV or resume) along with your interview process. For this, the basic skills related to your work is a necessity but besides that, you have to be able to have certain ethics as well like communicating properly, including everyone without bias, being a good team player and being punctual.

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